an outdoor antiques show at clement park in beautiful denver, colorado: june 13th & 14th, 2014



We are also very excited to announce that Co-Co Bush will  be joining us this year at the Fair as well! It was so fun to see CoCo and her beautiful booth at Zapp Hall when we were in Texas for spring antiques week…and now we can’t wait to have her at the Fair with us! 

Co-Co is the founder of REVISED Handmade Jewelry and she creates beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry from recycled treasures. She is also the author of Vintage Revised Jewelry, a wonderful book about jewelry design, available now! We will also have copies available at the Fair to buy and for Co-Co to sign.


Check out Co-Co’s website, blog, and Facebook page for more information and inspiration. 


Thank you to Ki and the Flea Market Style team for featuring the Old Glory Antiques Fair in the latest issue of the magazine! 

We are in the “Flea Market Roundup” section, along with so many other great shows across the country. Pick up a copy today!


We are so, so excited that Fifi O’neill will be joining us this year! We love everything she does, and we know that she will add so much inspiration and great energy to the Fair. 


Fifi is founder and editor-in-chief of Romantic Country Magazine, French Country Style Magazine, and Prairie Style Magazine, as well as the author of Romantic Prairie Style, The Romantic Prairie Cookbook, and Prairie Style Weddings. She is a woman of many talents! 

Fifi’s newest project is her magazine PRAIRIE STYLE, and the first issue will be out in May! PRAIRIE STYLE is a wonderful and beautifully produced magazine that celebrates the ideals of natural beauty and simplicity. It will feature lifestyle articles, home tours, recipes, decorating tips, and more! You can pre-order it here. And here is a sneak peek at the cover & table of contents:




Be sure to visit Fifi’s blog to see her beautiful work. And check back here to see our announcement about our other very special guest! 

Happy April!

It came in strong with a spring snowstorm that covered Clement Park with a beautiful blanket of snow…but come June, it will be bright, sunny, and perfect shopping weather! 

Only 70 days to go until the 2014 Old Glory Antiques Fair! Keep checking back for more updates and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks. 

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Keep checking back for more details on our special guests!
94 days until the 2014 Old Glory Antiques Fair! 


Mark your calendars for the 2014 Old Glory Antiques Fair! We are already busy planning, inviting our guests, brainstorming our events, and of course hunting for our favorite finds for next year.


It might be too early to start the countdown…but June 13, 2014 is just 295 days away! 



Thank you so much to our special guests, volunteers, vendors, and customers for making the 2013 Old Glory Antiques Fair the best one yet! There was plenty of sunshine, great food, festive music, freshly baked and delicious pie, book signings, and of course wonderful shopping all weekend. We have loved getting so much positive feedback over the past few weeks and we have also had so much fun looking through pictures. We almost wish that the Fair happened more often! …Almost. 

First, we would like to thank our special guests for coming to the Fair and for being so enthusiastic, inspiring, and wonderful to work with. Thank you Jo, Ki, and Ben for being a part of our weekend! Your creativity, industry insight, and wonderful publications inspired customers and vendors alike (and of course the whole Old Glory team!).

We would also like to thank our wonderful vendors for their beautiful merchandise and all of their hard work. They are what make the event so great year after year! We only wish that we had done more shopping! And thank you to our customers as well, whose enthusiasm makes the event all worthwhile. 

The Mercantile tent, a new addition this year, was a huge success and we hope that it will become a new tradition year after year. Thank you to Claire for all of her creativity, for her hard work organizing it, and for her endless enthusiasm in creating a beautiful space for our artisans and handmade vendors! 

Here are some more photos from the weekend. Thanks to Julia Vandenoever, a wonderful Boulder-based photographer, for the beautiful pictures! And save the date for the 2014 Old Glory Antiques Fair: Father’s Day Weekend, June 13th and 14th, 2014. Happy shopping between now and then! 


Vendors are still coming in and out with loads and truck-fuls of beautiful things today at the park…we can’t wait for all of our shoppers to see all of it, too! 

Here is a sneak peek at the Mercantile. The artisans and dealers are arranging their spaces with all of their wonderful things and the tent looks beautiful! We are so excited about this new addition. And special thanks to Claire for all of her hard work in organizing this and putting it all together!

We will see everyone tomorrow morning! The gates open at 9 am! We will have food, music, and sunshine to keep you energized to shop all day.


Today we are so happy to see so many of our wonderful vendors arriving at the park to start unloading! We can already tell that this will be our best year yet. 

Unloading continues all day today and tomorrow for vendors. The park is quickly filling up with both amazing merchandise and fun vendors, always great combination! It is so great to finally see all of our planning & coordinating & organizing come to life! 

Here are some photos from our day so far at the park.

See you all in just two days! And check back here tomorrow for an update on the Mercantile and for more information about this new addition to the Fair this year. 


Today we are setting up our own booth before all the vendors start arriving tomorrow, bringing everything we’ve been collecting over the past year for the fair to the park. We can’t wait to start arranging (and rearranging)! 

They are busy setting up the fence and tents at the park this morning. It might be close to 100 degrees out, but that doesn’t seem to slow them down! With this weather, we can finally say that the beautiful Colorado summer is here! Here are a few pictures we took this morning of the calm before the storm: a tent about to go up, a piece waiting to go into the Old Glory booth, and a stack of vintage suitcases all ready to go into the Special Guests tent. 

Happy Tuesday! And only three days to go!